June 06, 2019

Four reasons why online shopping will change your life

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a store, but nothing can match the fun of online shopping. It’s the combined exhilaration you get from scrolling past so many sparkly, pretty things and then tapping “Add to Cart” that makes online shopping so delightful. These days, more and more women are filling their phones with apps that let them buy their next favorite pair of shoes in less than a minute, and we can’t blame them. Online shopping is one of the best things to ever exist.

Here are four reasons why we love online shopping with a passion:

It’s like Christmas

There’s nothing quite like receiving a text from your courier, saying that your package is on its way. After waiting for days, your order is finally here, and it’s the best. Feeling. Ever. (TBH, getting a text from your courier is probably more kilig than getting a text from your crush!) You excitedly rip the packaging, toss away the bubble wrap, and take in the smell of new clothes, shoes, accessories — you name it. It’s like getting gifts on Christmas, except it isn’t a holiday, and all of the gifts are from you. Hey, we all deserve a bit of self love once in a while!

It has more options

How many times have you walked into a store, asked if they had it in another color, and they said they ran out of stocks for that specific item? They have it in black, but you want it in beige. You’re a size small, but there’s one more left at size large. Ladies, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that we should never settle. Thankfully, shopping online doesn’t limit you to just one store and its stocks. It lets you see ALL the available colors and sizes, letting you can add whatever your heart desires into your cart.


It lets you shop anytime, anywhere

With online shopping, you don’t have to rush out of the office during lunch just to get your daily dose of retail therapy. Online shopping allows you to shop whenever, wherever. So if your shopaholic senses are tingling on your way to work, at the café, or when you’re standing in line, you can easily whip out your phone and start tapping that “Add to Cart” button. Live that Ariana Grande life — you want it, you got it.

It’s your online BFF

The Spruce online shop is like your best friend. It wants you to look your best all the time. If you buy something that doesn’t suit your style or match something you already own, Spruce lets you return the products within 7 days. From their wide array of clothes and accessories, you can then choose another one that’s perfect for your taste.

Online shopping has never been easier, and at Spruce, we know how important it is for gorgeous ladies like yourself to shop conveniently. At spruce.ph, you’ll find all the prints, the cuts, designs and patterns you could ever wish for. Look through our catalog – we’re pretty sure you’ll end up with a cartful of things within minutes. 😉

Words by: Gail Aranas

I’m ready to spruce up my wardrobe! 

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