July 08, 2019

Anniversary outfits that’ll make his heart do cartwheels

Getting dressed for your anniversary celebration, whether it’s a romantic picnic with freshly picked strawberries or a fancy dinner at a five-star restaurant, can be nerve-racking. Sure, at this point, you already feel comfortable with the person you’re with. You could even throw on your dirtiest (yet most loved) pajamas and you’d still look like a goddess in his eyes. However, for most people, the A-word often adds a level of pressure to step up their game. So, wherever he’s taking you, it’s important to show your significant other that this day means something important to you by exerting a bit more effort into coming up with an anniversary outfit that’s perfect for this milestone.

Today we’ve put together anniversary outfit ideas that are stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, swoon-worthy! You will make him fall in love with you over and over and over again. Keep reading to see the outfits fresh from our racks.

When in doubt, go black

Is he taking you out for dinner straight after work? Yikes! That gives you less time to freshen up and look absolutely bomb. You don’t want to look like you just spent eight hours buried in paperwork, do you? Well, worry not — the most classy and effortless color to wear from work to your date is black.  You can pair a black dress or pantsuit with heels and you’ll instantly look refined. To be on the more casual side (but still elegant), pair a black blouse with jeans, roll up the cuffs, and then slip on an edgy pair of  chunky heels or ankle boots.

Take casual up an extra notch by rocking a pair of colorful heels to make your look less serious. Planning on dancing the night away? Your all-black ensemble can still look sophisticated if you pair it with pointed flats.

Our sophisticated picks:

  1. Millenia – A pair of flat, pointed shoes that are the embodiment of class. Who says you gotta wear heels to rule the world?
  2. Sharpay – Flat sandals embellished with gold circles for that instant edge. Even Sharpay Evans would want these.
  3. Kaycee – A vegan leather belt bag with gold hardware, perfect for pairing with black

Romantic day out

Take your date back to when you first met by showing up in a sweet, romantic day dress that will make his heart do cartwheels. For casual day dates, opt for a comfortable dress that doesn’t have to sacrifice style. Bright colors like yellow and orange will perk up both of your moods, so even if you two are celebrating your anniversary on cold-ish terms, your outfit can fix all of that in a second. Who says casual only consists of jeans, a shirt, and sneakers? Change the definition of “casual” with feminine prints and pieces that’ll make him remember why he fell in love with you years ago. This pair of colorful, fun sandals from Spruce are so comfy and cute, you’ll have no trouble with whatever he has planned for the day, whether that’s taking a stroll or having brunch.

Our romantic picks:

  1. Pierre – These mules feature pointed toes and flat heels for comfort and subtle elegance!
  2. Ginny – Slip-ons that are extra adorable with the huge bow in front
  3. Sunday – Perfect for all days of the week! Fun and colorful, these sandals reflect your personality and your relationship.

Keeping it low-key

Is your boyfriend the kind of guy who likes keeping things low-key? Does this sound all too familiar: “Hey babe, let’s just keep it simple this year. Does Netflix and pizza sound good?” Nothing is wrong with keeping things simple, but it is your anniversary, so going above and beyond what’s normal is expected. Even if he says he’s not planning anything and just wants to stay home, there’s still a chance he’s planning a surprise. You don’t want to look like you’re expecting anything, but you still don’t want to celebrate your day in your pajamas. For low-key anniversaries, go for comfortable pieces like basic shirts, jeans, and pants. Stick to basic, muted colors, but make your outfit have a bit more “oomph” by choosing bold colored sandals and accessories. You’ll still look low-key, which is what he wants, but you’ll be cute low-key.

Our low-key picks:

  1. Denim-inspired dress – Denim, but cuter. This denim-inspired cotton day dress looks simple but can be spruced up with the right items.
  2. Oscar – A mini canvass pouch that keeps all of your valuables in place.

What are you waiting for?

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