November 27, 2019

A peek inside the Spruce 2020 journal

We’re pretty sure you’ve been searching for the best planner for 2020 already – and the great news is Spruce has finally unveiled their planner/journal for the next year. It’s the most beautiful planner they’ve launched to date! With gold foil embellishments, Spruce’s astrology-themed 2020 Journal is the best companion to making dreams come true in 2020.

This year, Spruce’s planners come in two colors: Orange and Black.

Each hardbound cover shows off a golden crescent surrounded by tiny gold stars, circles, and diamonds.  Multiple rays extend from the moon, symbolizing all the paths you can take in the upcoming year. Brush your palm against the cover and you can feel its beautiful stamped gold foil detail.

Before the stars chart your path, the 2020 journal first takes you back to the good old days when you were in elementary school, filling up “autograph” books! The first thing you have to do is complete this page with your name, nickname, birth date and other details. You can then assign a friend for each zodiac sign — a fun “getting to know you” game for the barkada!

Inside the pages you’ll find the typical planner layout with weekly, monthly and yearly charts. At the bottom left of each month, you’ll find fun facts about the zodiac signs. Mark your friend’s (or crush’s!) birthday on the calendar and then see what sign they are. Another small but absolutely cute touch are the phases of the moon, making the planner stay true to the theme.

Spruce’s 2020 Planner encourages everyone to live colorfully. The planner is filled with different activities for you to complete throughout the year. From a chart that expresses your mood to a Philippine map that inspires you to wander, the Spruce 2020 Planner will make you want to step out of your comfort zone and live fearlessly.

Netflix buffs and book lovers will enjoy completing the activities at the last pages of the planner. The planner features pages that you need to color or fill in with books you’ve read in 2020. If you binge-watch frequently, you finally have a space where you can write down all of the titles of the movies and shows. At the end of the year, you can have a “Most Watched” competition with your friends to see who’s the biggest binge-watcher of all time!

The planner is yours for only 99 pesos with a minimum purchase of PHP 1,500 at Spruce stores nationwide.

What do the stars have in store for you in 2020? That’s for you to find out. 😉

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